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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your waste management questions at Liberty Waste Services’ FAQ page. Learn about pick-up days, additional trash containers, holiday schedules, billing, and more. Serving portions of Fauquier, Culpeper and Prince William counties in Virginia. Call us at 540-202-2048 for more info.

When is my pick up day?

Collection days and times vary based on location. Please contact our office. We do ask that you place your can outside the night before your collection day and at the curb, easily obtainable for our employees to pick up.  If your can or dumpster is blocked we will not collect the trash. 

Can I get an additional trash container?

Yes! For an additional monthly fee you can receive additional trash containers.

My trash container was lost or stolen, can I get a replacement?

Yes, please contact our office to order a replacement container. Additional fee will apply.

Do you pick up on holidays? What about bad weather?

We do not pick up on days when the refuse facilities are closed including but not limited to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. If your pick up day is on a holiday, we will pick it up on the next business day. For updates, please watch our Facebook page. In the event of inclement weather, we will do our best to keep with your regular schedule day however in the event of unsafe driving conditions we ask that you please check our Facebook for updates. If you have valet service, please note that there will be no service during inclement weather or hazardous conditions. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the driveway is clear and safe for the truck. If it is deemed unsafe for us to drive down the lane/drive, at the discretion of the driver, we will collect two weeks of garbage the following week.  

What can be put in my trash?

We collect all refuse generated from regular household waste. If all of your trash does not fit into your can, we will collect two bags of garbage if placed beside the can. Anything over the extra two bags outside the can will result in additional charges. At no point will we collect hazardous waste (including but not limited to paint cans), dirt, rock, sod, hot ashes, animal carcasses, batteries, medical waste, gasoline/motor oil, propane tanks, or water logged trash.

What if I have bulk items for trash?

You would need to make special arrangements, please call our office to schedule an extra pick up, additional fees apply.

What about yard waste?

In Fauquier and Culpeper Counties, you can put leaves, grass clippings, and bush/hedge trimmings resulting from normal maintenance of your yard at the curb with your regular trash, there will be a fee after two free bags. For Prince William County, there is a mandatory separate yard waste collection. Please message us for more details.

​Do you offer recycling?

Yes, in certain areas of Fauquier and Culpeper Counties for an additional fee we offer an 18 gallon recycle bin (PWC recycling is mandatory). You can recycle plastic bottles, plastic jugs, aluminum and steel cans and cartons. We also accept mixed paper and cardboard. Cardboard must be broken down to smaller than 24×24. A bin that is mixed with unrecyclable material will be put with the trash. Large carboard boxes will also be thrown in the trash as we cannot haul large boxes in our recycling box. 

Do you accept HOA contracts?

Yes! We would love to work with your neighborhood, contact us for a quote!

How does billing work?

Billing is done quarterly and due on the 1st or 15th. After 7 days late, a 3% late fee will be assessed. If your bill has not been paid we will not collect your trash. There is a $2.50 service charge for all failed credit/debit card transactions.  Billing is paperless and you can pay through the email by card or you can mail a check. Returned checks will result in a $25 fee. If you would like to set up autopay, please let us know and we will send you the credit card authorization form. There is a 3% service fee for all commercial accounts paying by card, there is no fee for check payments. 

How do I discontinue service?

If you wish to discontinue service please notify our office in writing (by email or mail) 30 days prior to your last pick up. A retrieval fee may be assessed if you cancel during your billing cycle. If your service is discontinued for past due balances your can/dumpster may be picked up. If you decide to restart your service there will be a reconnection fee in addition to any past due balance being paid before service will begin again. If we are unable to retrieve our can/bin there will be a $125 per can fee and a $25 per 18-gallon recycling bin fee assessed. 

Special Note:

Liberty Waste Services LLC and/or its employees will not be held liable for any and all damages to pavement, asphalt or gravel driveway or grass due to truck usage.

No refunds or credits will be issued for missed pickups. At any time, we reserve the right to collect our trash cans, dumpsters, and bins from your premises.